Brexit referendum campaign

In-depth analysis of the EU referendum campaign

Labour outlines pro-business “soft Brexit” policy for June 8 vote
26 April 2017
Labour's preoccupation is satisfying the concerns expressed by the majority of Britain’s bourgeoisie, which supported Remain and whose interests are tied to the EU.

Leading ministers outline war agenda behind UK’s snap general election
22 April 2017
Prime Minister Theresa May’s calling of a general election is an attempt to shape post-Brexit politics based on an agenda of trade and military war.

UK parliament votes for snap June 8 general election
20 April 2017
In calling the election, UK Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking to expand her government’s majority by exploiting the crisis facing Labour.

Snap UK general election called amid continuing Brexit crisis
19 April 2017
Events in Britain are unfolding at a time of a build-up to a possible US war against North Korea and unending anti-Russian propaganda.

Aggressive claims by Spain helped provoke Gibraltar flare-up with Britain
6 April 2017
Sections of the Spanish ruling class have calculated that Brexit offers Spain an opportunity not only to reclaim Gibraltar but also to possibly become Washington’s new strategic ally in Europe.

The UK’s Great Repeal Bill: A bonfire of workers’ rights
1 April 2017
The bill is framed to meet the demands of banks and big business to end all regulation of their predatory activities.

Triggering of Brexit intensifies national tensions in Europe
31 March 2017
Representatives of the EU and the continent’s major powers reacted with undisguised hostility to Prime Minister Theresa May’s triggering of the Article 50 process.

UK officially begins process of exiting the European Union
30 March 2017
The centrifugal forces tearing apart the EU reveal the failure of any attempt to overcome, within the framework of the capitalist system, the national antagonisms that gave rise to two world wars.

UK government to trigger Brexit amid calls for second Scottish independence vote
15 March 2017
As the Tory government presses on with its plans to leave the EU, the United Kingdom could itself face the same dissolution that threatens the European Union.

Border issues and Brexit dominate Northern Ireland elections
27 February 2017
The British and Irish governments have insisted that, post-Brexit, no border checks will be imposed, but no one has yet come up with a means to explain how this can be done.

UK Labour Party by-election defeat prompts new moves against Corbyn
25 February 2017
In the face of a renewed offensive against him by the Labour Party right wing, Corbyn and his key supporters again called for unity with his opponents.

The way forward in the fight against Trump and May
18 February 2017
The two rival groups organising overlapping rallies on February 20 offer no means to wage a struggle against Trump’s cabinet of billionaires and social reactionaries and May’s pack of baying Thatc