Brexit referendum campaign

In-depth analysis of the EU referendum campaign

UK government to trigger Brexit amid calls for second Scottish independence vote
15 March 2017
As the Tory government presses on with its plans to leave the EU, the United Kingdom could itself face the same dissolution that threatens the European Union.

Border issues and Brexit dominate Northern Ireland elections
27 February 2017
The British and Irish governments have insisted that, post-Brexit, no border checks will be imposed, but no one has yet come up with a means to explain how this can be done.

UK Labour Party by-election defeat prompts new moves against Corbyn
25 February 2017
In the face of a renewed offensive against him by the Labour Party right wing, Corbyn and his key supporters again called for unity with his opponents.

The way forward in the fight against Trump and May
18 February 2017
The two rival groups organising overlapping rallies on February 20 offer no means to wage a struggle against Trump’s cabinet of billionaires and social reactionaries and May’s pack of baying Thatc

Report co-authored by murdered British MP Jo Cox advocates for war
11 February 2017
Cox’s brutal murder shocked millions, but her death has been used in the most cynical fashion by the most right-wing forces within the Labour Party.

UK House of Commons approves Brexit
9 February 2017
Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn ordered his MPs to support the government’s bill whether his party’s amendments were accepted or not.

Theresa May’s White Paper offers no plan for post-Brexit Britain
4 February 2017
The government promises the best of all possible worlds for British imperialism, with no means of achieving this ambitious goal.

British government secures vote to proceed with Brexit
2 February 2017
Following the vote, the UK will enter a period of intense political crisis.

UK Labour Party split threatened over Brexit
31 January 2017
Political divisions have been brought to the peak of intensity by Prime Minister Theresa May’s efforts to cultivate relations with the US administration of Donald Trump.

Trump’s meeting with the UK’s Theresa May and the US/European conflict
27 January 2017
It is a measure of the deterioration in relations between the US and the rest of the world that May’s visit has prompted bitter recriminations from leading voices representing British imperialism.

British Supreme Court rules only Parliament can trigger Brexit
25 January 2017
While the Supreme Court came down in favour of Parliament, nothing has been resolved politically by its verdict.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May pledges hard Brexit, threatens trade war
18 January 2017
May’s aggressive posture is bound up with efforts to forge an economic and political alliance with the incoming administration of Donald Trump in the United States.