Please make the most generous donation possible in this centenary year of the Russian Revolution.

“Whatever a party could offer of courage, revolutionary far-sightedness and consistency in an historic hour, Lenin, Trotsky and all the other comrades have given in good measure. All the revolutionary honour and capacity which western Social-Democracy lacked was represented by the Bolsheviks. Their October uprising was not only the actual salvation of the Russian Revolution; it was also the salvation of the honour of international socialism.”
Rosa Luxemburg

In the year that marks the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, we want to raise £100,000. This is our most ambitious fund ever and I appeal to you to help us realise this sum.

2017, as well as being the centenary of the Russian Revolution of 1917, will be a year of great social, economic and political convulsions. The Brexit referendum and then the election of Donald Trump are just two events that will reverberate throughout the year ahead, bringing further shocks and providing fertile ground for building the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) and its British section, the Socialist Equality Party.

The burning issue that must be clarified internationally is that of Leon Trotskyco-leader of the Russian Revolution with Leninhis political legacy and the significance of the party he founded, the Fourth International, to take forward the legacy of October.

The ICFI is the sole political tendency on the face of the planet that sets as its aim the revolutionary mobilisation of the working class against imperialism and the drive to war in the fight for international socialism.

The Socialist Equality Party has launched a Russian Revolution Centenary Fund to run throughout 2017 to provide the financial means to wage the most determined campaign to mark one hundred years of the October Revolution, based on deepening our political offensive for Trotskyism.

Thank you.

Chris Marsden
National Secretary
Socialist Equality Party (Britain)

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