The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century

A new book by David North

Wide audience for online interview with David North

Hundreds of World Socialist Web Site readers from over thirty countries listened to a live online interview with David North, chairman of the WSWS International Editorial Board and author of The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century, on Saturday, December 13.

North spoke with WSWS reporters Andre Damon and Andrea Peters about the major themes of his recently released book and how it came into existence. The discussion dealt with a wide range of issues, including the role of consciousness in history, the relationship between historical falsification and postmodernism, the international significance of the Russian Revolution, and the necessity for an understanding of the major experiences of the international working class in the 20th Century in order to comprehend current political developments. Throughout the interview, North connected the great historical issues dealt with in his book with the mounting crisis of world capitalism today and the essential question of developing socialist consciousness in the working class.

He addressed a number of questions from audience members, including the Socialist Equality Party’s assessment of the trade unions and the relationship between the SEP and other political organizations. Listeners from every continent besides Antarctica participated.

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North’s book provides an integrated historical and theoretical understanding of the history of the twentieth century. It examines such questions as: Trotsky’s struggle against the Stalinist degeneration of the Soviet Union, the nature of the October 1917 Russian Revolution, the impact of postmodernism on the writing of history, the social roots of the Holocaust, the crisis of American liberalism and the role of right-wing intellectuals in the US-backed coup in Ukraine.