This morning, a federal judge ordered whistleblower Chelsea Manning to prison on contempt charges for refusing to answer questions from a grand jury convened to bring chargers against WikiLeaks and its publisher Julian Assange.

The Socialist Equality Party unequivocally condemns the United States government’s vindictive and criminal persecution of Chelsea Manning.
The SEP and the International Youth and Students for Social Equality call on workers and young people to fight against the persecution of Manning, including through mass demonstrations to demand her freedom.

Chelsea suffered solitary confinement, abuse and torture, and over six years of imprisonment for letting the American and world population know the truth.

Yesterday, she once again stood firm to fundamental democratic principle and refused to assist the Trump administration in its vendetta to falsely incriminate WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

She is a heroic figure and she must be defended.

Working people all over the world will never forget Chelsea’s courageous exposure, at vast personal cost, of the crimes of American imperialism.

Amid a growing global strike wave, the Socialist Equality Party will do everything in its power to mobilize the working class to free Chelsea, Julian Assange and all other class war prisoners.

“In solidarity with many activists facing the odds, I will stand by my principles. I will exhaust every legal remedy available. My legal team continues to challenge the secrecy of these proceedings, and I am prepared to face the consequences of my refusal.”

— Chelsea Manning

Attend March 10 Solidarity Vigil in London for Julian Assange

The Socialist Equality Party (UK) calls for maximum participation in the “Solidarity Vigil for Julian Assange” outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London on Sunday, March 10.

No US Extradition for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange!

Sunday, March 10, 3-5 p.m.

Facebook event

Outside the Ecuadorian Embassy

Hans Crescent, London SW1X 0LS Nearest tube station Knightsbridge (Piccadilly Line)

Further details will be made available at the site of the Julian Assange Defence Committee