For a worldwide campaign to prevent Julian Assange’s rendition to the US!

Protest in Sri Lanka calling for Julian Assange's freedom

The imprisonment of WikiLeaks founder and journalist Julian Assange is a political crime that threatens thedemocratic rights of the entire working class. The Socialist Equality Party demands the withdrawal of all charges, aguarantee against Assange’s US extradition and his safe passage to Australia, and that theTrump administration frees Chelsea Manning immediately and unconditionally.

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The Grenfell Tower Inferno

The Grenfell Tower inferno was an act of social murder—a crime of capitalism. It was the end result of decades of deregulation and cuts, including the deadly impact of the gutting of the fire service, of Kensington and Chelsea Council’s ignoring repeated safety warnings and the criminal decision to cover the building in flammable cladding to make it look prettier for nearby rich residents.

The politically guilty are known: Successive Conservative and Labour governments and councils that have destroyed Britain’s social infrastructure and turned London into a playground for the rich, while socially cleansing working people and the poor from the capital.

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Defend immigrants and refugees

This perspective was originally published on the World Socialist Web Site on 21 June 2018. Faced with a firestorm of outrage both within the US and internationally, President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday rescinding his administration’s policy of ripping children from the arms of parents seeking refuge in the US as a means of terrorizing migrants and halting …

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International Amazon Workers Voice

The International Amazon Workers Voice is a worldwide news publication aimed at telling Amazon workers the truth about conditions in Amazon facilities globally and providing world political news and analysis.

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