Health workers and all those who want to fight in defence of the NHS must undertake to build a new leadership, which fights on the basis of a socialist programme. In 2012, the Socialist Equality Party initiated the NHS FightBack campaign to take forward such a struggle among health workers and throughout the working class.

The defence of health care and every other basic social right can only be taken forward through a break from the unions and the Labour Party. Action committees must be formed by patients, hospital staff and the workers and youth whose lives and health are being jeopardised.

  1. PV Nevin says:

    Woman, 92, left waiting on a chair in Dublin A&E for over 24 hours

    Please not the Facebook page that was set up by the patient’s mother.

    Waiting times in hospital A+Es are chronic in Ireland. Also the Irish Health service is effectively two-tier, through the widespread uptake of private health insurance. This means those on private insurance jump to the top of the long waiting lists to be seen by a consultant. Consultants themselves only work part-time in the public health service and generally earn enormous salaries in the multiples of hundreds of thousands.

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