International Transport Workers Newsletter

International Transport Workers Newsletter

Tthe International Transport Workers Newsletter (ITWN) provides weekly coverage from the World Socialist Web Site of issues facing transport workers across the world!

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that transport workers—including bus, rail, tube, taxi, airline, shipping and delivery—are essential to daily economic and social life across the globe.

Yet, as we have seen from the pandemic, transport workers’ lives are treated as expendable by capitalist governments whose sole concern is to protect the immense wealth of the financial elite. In London, 29 bus drivers have been killed by COVID-19, while in New York City more than 130 transit workers have died.

Now the pandemic is being seized on by corporate boardrooms to prepare an all-out assault on jobs, working conditions and wages.

Millions of transport staff have worked throughout the pandemic without PPE and other basic protections. Many more lives are being threatened by a homicidal back-to-work campaign in Britain and throughout the world.

ITWN will feature commentary on the issues facing transport workers, along with interviews and on-the-spot coverage of strikes and industrial struggles. We urge you to send information about events at your workplace or industry and your thoughts for future coverage using the form below. We will respect all requests for anonymity.


Transport for London refuses FOI requests into bus and transport COVID-19 deaths

London busesTransport for London (TfL) has refused to answer Freedom of Information (FOI) requests about the date and location of COVID-19 fatalities among bus and transport workers.

Tom Kearney, a prominent bus safety campaigner, submitted an FOI request last month asking for “a detailed list of all incidents of London Transport Worker Fatalities from Covid-19” covering bus, rail, underground and light rail staff.

Kearney asked for the date of each reported death and the work location (including bus garage or railway station); the name of the TfL division, contractor or agency employing each victim; and the TfL executive title responsible for the service. Read more…

Police refer decision not to prosecute over death of Belly Mujinga to Crown Prosecution Service

Belly Mujinga and her husband Lusamba Gode KatalayOn June 5, British Transport Police (BTP) referred to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) their reasons for closing the investigation into events related to the death of rail worker Belly Mujinga. After reportedly being spat at by an individual at London Victoria train station March 21, ticket office clerk Mujinga died on April 5 of COVID-19.

Nearly 1.7 million people have signed a petition demanding justice for Belly. But BTP’s decision to refer the findings of their investigation to the CPS is not in answer to demands for the reopening of the case. It is to secure a rubber stamp for their original decision not to pursue charges over what is now only ever referred to as an “incident.” Read more…