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Free Julian Assange! Rank-and-file bus workers’ meeting

August 1, 2019 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

An appeal to London bus workers
Free Julian Assange!
Attend the August 1 rank-and-file meeting!

London bus workers sign up to support the global campaign to defend Julian Assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been held in London’s Belmarsh maximum security prison since April 11. He faces extradition to the United States on trumped-up Espionage Act charges that carry a 175-year sentence and a possible death penalty.

Assange is a class war prisoner. His crime was to tell the truth. He has been hunted down and persecuted for exposing war crimes, including the US military’s slaughter of one million innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

All the forces of the state are targeting Assange. No smears and lies are too great – either by the media or the US, British, Swedish and Australian governments. This will come as no surprise to workers. Whenever there are strikes – by rail workers, doctors and nurses, or teachers—the media and the state always respond with hostility to try and isolate and break our struggles.

There are 25,000 bus workers in London, which makes them a force to be reckoned with if mobilised. The government and media are determined to prevent opposition from developing to their plans, and they are doing so with the vital assistance of the Labour Party and the trade unions.

Labour and the unions have done nothing to help Assange. As always, they are focusing their energies on suppressing opposition to the employers and the Tories. Above all they are working to prevent any discussion of the escalating war drive against Iran that will have untold consequences in human life.

Bus workers are facing never-ending demands for restructuring: bus routes curtailed or cut, duties longer, breaks shorter, schedules tighter with a massive increase in accidents where drivers are always in the wrong. These conditions are being enforced by the union which does deals behind our backs and keeps bus workers divided while they work together with management.

Bus workers need rank-and-file committees so we can begin fighting for our rights. Democracy is vital. And this is why Julian Assange, a hero who has done so much to tell the world’s people the truth, needs our support.

We urge all London bus drivers, mechanics, cleaners and other workers to attend the rank-and-file meeting called for August 1. We will pass a resolution defending Assange and hear grievances from workers as part of developing a charter of bus workers’ rights. This must be the start of a fight to reverse the decades of attacks suffered by the entire working class in London, as part of the growing struggle by working people in France, North Africa, the US and around the world. Free Julian Assange! Defend the democratic and social rights of the working class! No to war!

Issued by the Global Defence Committee (London) and the Socialist Equality Party

[Download the A4 leaflet in colour or black & white]


August 1, 2019
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Railway Club
327 Edgeware Road
London, NW2 6JP United Kingdom
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Socialist Equality Party