Workers across India, throughout Asia and around the world must come to the defense of the 13 Maruti Suzuki workers whom an Indian court has cruelly and vindictively sentenced to life imprisonment. Given the brutal conditions that exist in Indian prisons, the workers have been consigned to the equivalent of a living hell. But they are all innocent men. The only “crime” of which they are guilty is fighting brutal conditions at their auto factory near Delhi.

The International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) and the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site call upon working people, students and youth throughout the world to fight for the freedom of the 13 workers: Ram Meher, Sandeep Dhillon, Ram Bilas, Sarabjeet Singh, Pawan Kumar, Sohan Kumar, Ajmer Singh, Suresh Kumar, Amarjeet, Dhanraj Bambi, Pradeep Gujjar, Yogesh and Jiyalal.

The frame-up and jailing of the Maruti Suzuki workers is the most extreme example of a universal process. In every country, giant corporations and their political hirelings are waging a war against the working class.

The ICFI urges autoworkers and all WSWS readers and supporters to oppose this travesty and demand the immediate freedom of the imprisoned Maruti Suzuki workers.

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