Chris Marsden is standing in Sheffield Central. Marsden, 58, is the national secretary of the SEP. He joined the Trotskyist movement in 1983 and has played a leading role in the work of the International Committee of the Fourth International, writing regularly for the World Socialist Web Site .

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LONDONHolborn & St Pancras

Thomas Scripps is standing in the Holborn & St. Pancras constituency in London. Scripps, 24, is a graduate with a Masters Degree in Modern History. A socialist since the age of 15, he joined the Socialist Equality Party in 2011. He is a leading member of the International Youth and Students for Social Equality and a regular writer for the World Socialist Web Site.

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Dennis Leech is standing in Manchester Central. Leech, 61, is an advice worker for a mental health service charity. Active in socialist politics for three decades, he writes for the World Socialist Web Site on social issues.

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