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At Social Equality, our cohesive team is comprised of seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds, collectively contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the UK’s evolving landscape. From accomplished health journalists to insightful societal commentators, each member brings a unique perspective. With a commitment to clarity and precision, our team collaborates to provide nuanced insights into the intersections of health, society, and culture. Explore the wealth of knowledge our collective expertise brings to illuminate the complexities of the United Kingdom’s dynamic landscape.

Jackie Scott
Jackie Scott is our health correspondent at Social Equality. With a background in medical journalism, Jackie provides clear and evidence-based insights into complex health issues, ensuring our readers stay well-informed on the latest developments in the UK's health landscape.
Mia Carter
Mia Carter, our culture writer, is your go-to for a straightforward take on the UK's cultural scene. With a keen eye for trends and a passion for the arts, Mia's articles offer concise and insightful snapshots of the ever-evolving cultural landscape.
Rose King
Societal commentator Rose King brings her sociology background and keen observational skills to Social Equality. Her articles dive into societal dynamics with precision, offering a clear understanding of the factors shaping communities in the UK.
Thomas Wood
Thomas Wood, our news correspondent, is the voice behind breaking stories at Social Equality. With a knack for investigative journalism and a commitment to factual precision, Thomas delivers news with a no-nonsense approach, ensuring our readers are well-informed on the latest developments in politics and social issues.
William Clarke
William Clarke, our culture critic, explores the heart of cultural phenomena in the UK. With a background in journalism and a passion for uncovering cultural nuances, William's articles provide a clear and concise perspective on the cultural zeitgeist, covering arts, entertainment, and societal trends.

Discover precise insights into the intersections of health, society, and culture in the UK at Social Equality. Your reliable source for clear and comprehensive coverage.

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