June 26, 2018

The UCU Congress and the impossibility of reforming the trade unions

Statement of the Socialist Equality Party (UK) The recent congress of the University and College Union (UCU) provides an object lesson in the impossibility of “reforming” the trade unions. Held in Manchester at the end of May, it was the first opportunity for UCU members, rightly furious at the betrayal of their national strike to protect university staff pensions, to …

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June 14, 2018

One year since the Grenfell inferno

Statement of the Socialist Equality Party (UK) One year ago, the worst high-rise fire in British history in Grenfell Tower cost the lives of 72 people. What took place in the early hours of June 14, 2017 was social murder. This was the term first coined by Frederick Engels in his famous study, The Condition of the Working Class in …

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June 6, 2018

Free Julian Assange! Support the June 19 vigil in London

The Socialist Equality Party calls for a maximum mobilisation in support of the June 19 vigil outside the Ecuadorean Embassy in London calling for freedom for WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange. Workers and young people must demand that the Conservative government of Theresa May end its cruel persecution of Assange, drop the bail-related issues against him and allow him to leave …

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June 1, 2018

SEP meetings on war and censorship: “War preparations are powered by lies”

The Socialist Equality Party (UK) has concluded a series of public meetings in England, Scotland and Ireland titled “War, lies and censorship: For the building of a socialist anti-war movement.” The meetings were attended by a cross section of workers, youth and students and were followed by lively question and answer sessions. Addressing the meetings in Sheffield, London and Manchester, …

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March 23, 2018

NHS FightBack: Reject health trade unions’ sellout NHS pay deal!

Statement by the Socialist Equality Party The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) and NHS FightBack call on the more than 1 million National Health Service (NHS) workers to reject the sellout pay deal being pushed by 12 health trade unions in collusion with the Conservative government. The agreement is being touted as finally ending the 1 percent pay cap that has …

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March 5, 2018

UK lecturers dispute: Lessons from the West Virginia teachers strike

Statement of the Socialist Equality Party (UK) The strike by lecturers, librarians and administration staff against the attack on pensions by Universities UK (UUK) is entering its third week. Drawing lessons from the ongoing strike by 30,000 teachers in the US state of West Virginia is crucial in politically arming education staff here in the UK. The West Virginia teachers …

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November 22, 2017

Fire services cut to the bone

Decades of deregulation and cuts have gutted London’s fire service, dramatically reducing its capacity to cope with large disasters and increasing response times. Thirteen fire engines and at least six stations have been shut down since 1987 (according to recent Fire Brigade Union figures), the year of the King’s Cross tube station fire, London’s worst in living memory before the …

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November 14, 2017

Majority of Grenfell survivors still in temporary accommodation

The tragedy of Grenfell continues, with survivors still mostly housed in hotels and other forms of temporary accommodation five months after the fire. Only 26 of 203 are currently living in permanent homes. In addition, the Conservative government has admitted that more than half of former residents of the tower and nearby Grenfell Walk are still living in emergency accommodation. …

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November 13, 2017

Thousands mentally scarred by Grenfell inferno

Severe mental health issues are affecting thousands of inhabitants of the Grenfell area and others scarred by the tragedy. The public health response is the largest of its kind in Europe. Doctors estimate that over 11,000 people in the north Kensington community have been traumatised, although not all will seek treatment. Around 1,300 people have been seen so far regarding …

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November 12, 2017

Cover up over Grenfell Fire failings continues

By our reporter New documents have been released that expose historic negligence of the body responsible for managing Grenfell tower. Documents recently made public after a campaign by residents show a neglect of health and safety with respect to recommendations made by Capita Symonds. The evidence in the independent report that the been repressed for 12 years stated that “torches …

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