Fascist killer of Labour MP Jo Cox to stand trial for murder
24 June 2016
Cox was due to present a report in parliament warning of the dangers posed by “nationalist radicals” before she was killed by a fascist sympathiser last week.
UK vote to leave the European Union triggers economic and political crisis
24 June 2016
The result of the UK referendum has sent a seismic shock, not only through Britain but Europe and the world.
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition make nationalist case for Brexit
23 June 2016
The Socialist Party and Socialist Workers Party serve to blind the working class to the dangers posed by the strengthening of the most right-wing sections of the bourgeoisie through the referendum cam
The Brexit referendum: A turning point in European politics
23 June 2016
To conceal both camps’ policies of class war, trade war and military war, and to sow divisions within the working class, the referendum has increasingly focused on whipping up nationalism and xenoph
Galloway and pseudo-left defend alliance with UKIP and Tory right at Brexit referendum meeting
22 June 2016
The meeting organized by the "Left Leave" campaign exposed the line-up of the pseudo-left with right-wing nationalist and fascistic forces.
The Brexit referendum and the struggle for socialism
22 June 2016
Chris Marsden, the national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party (UK) explained why the party is calling for an active boycott of Thursday’s referendum.
UK: Bakers union suspends strike action against 2 Sisters Food Group
22 June 2016
The principle of equal pay for equal work has become a thing of the past and is not peculiar to the 2 Sisters Food Group or the low-paid food and drink industry.
Corbyn and Cameron use killing of Cox to cement their alliance against Brexit
21 June 2016
Since Jo Cox’s death, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said nothing about the evidence of the killer’s association with far-right groups tied to sections of the Tory party.
MP’s murder exposes role of neo-fascists in British Leave campaign
20 June 2016
The murder of British Labour MP Jo Cox underscores the frenzy of nationalism and xenophobia being whipped up around Thursday’s referendum on EU membership.
Billionaire former BHS boss faces down UK parliamentary committee
20 June 2016
Some 11,000 workers are set to lose their jobs and around 22,000 present and future retirees will see their pensions decimated after the collapse of high street retailer BHS.

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