Britain: Perverse verdict clears security guards of Jimmy Mubenga killing
20 December 2014
The racism evidenced by the guards’ text messages is one deliberately cultivated by the ruling class to scapegoat foreign workers for the social crisis created by capitalism.
British troops returning to Iraq
17 December 2014
Iraq is once again at the center of the imperialist scramble for domination of the Middle East and Eurasia.
Mass surveillance ruled legal in UK
17 December 2014
The Investigatory Powers Tribunal has sanctioned the Tempora program, which captures the data from all fibre optic cables entering or leaving the UK.
Mass arrests at Eric Garner protest in London
16 December 2014
The mass arrests at the Westfield demonstration reflect the nervousness of the ruling elite in the face of any form of dissent.
British Labour Party strikes a pose against NHS privatisation
16 December 2014
The bill brought by Labour MP Clive Efford leaves intact the framework to outsource services to the private sector.

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