Lessons of Labour’s leadership contest

corbyn-obamaJeremy Corbyn is expected to be announced the victor over his challenger, Owen Smith, in the Labour Party leadership contest today.

His re-election will be seen by many as a triumph over the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) and above all the Blairites who led the McCarthyite witch-hunt to remove him. But notwithstanding such understandable sentiment, this will prove to be a Pyrrhic victory. (more…)

Report finds that more than 40 percent of British housing is substandard
27 October 2016
In London, nearly three quarters of residents classified their homes as failing to meet the Living Home Standard established by the housing charity Shelter.
UK: Durham teaching assistants vote to strike
26 October 2016
The cuts to education budgets mean thousands of teaching assistants losing their jobs or facing a major reduction in their hours.
Nick Hedges’s photographs reveal what Britain’s slums were like in the 1960s and 1970s
25 October 2016
In Hedges’s words: “Adequate housing is the basis of a civilised urban society. … The photographs should allow us to celebrate progress, yet all they can do is haunt us with a sense of failure.
Scottish National Party pushes for second independence referendum
25 October 2016
For Sturgeon and the SNP leadership, the threat of a new independence poll is a tool to extract concessions from London—primarily over the terms of Brexit.
Legal challenge to Brexit threatens constitutional crisis in UK
24 October 2016
Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she will activate Article 50 by the end of next March.
UK: NHS official suggests GP surgeries “be allowed to fail and wither”
22 October 2016
In September, 2,000 patients were left without a doctor after a surgery was closed in Nottingham following an “inadequate” regulatory rating.
Former British special forces soldier investigated for possible war crimes committed in Iraq
21 October 2016
The executions of wounded soldiers as described in Colin Maclachlan’s book, even if excused as “mercy killings,” are illegal under international law.
British press witch-hunt refugee children from Calais
20 October 2016
A xenophobic campaign by British politicians and media is being waged against children arriving in the UK from the Calais migrant camp.
Washington moves to silence WikiLeaks
19 October 2016
The US political establishment is prepared to use whatever measures are required to prevent a further exposure of the real social and political interests underlying the grotesque 2016 presidential con
UK education funding cuts bring schools to breaking point
19 October 2016
An Institute for Fiscal Studies report notes that school spending per pupil is likely to fall by around 8 percent in real terms by 2020.

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