UK government outlines unprecedented public spending cuts
26 November 2015
In just 10 years, from 2010 through 2020, government spending as a percentage of GDP is projected to fall by 10 percent, with disastrous consequences for millions of people.
UK: What is the “Northern Powerhouse”?
26 November 2015
Under the control of the Labourites, each city and region within the Northern Powerhouse is involved in a cutthroat struggle for investment and the slashing of wages.
Two killed, five injured in Welsh steel mill explosion
25 November 2015
Celsa Steel UK, which runs the mill in Cardiff, offered no explanation as to the cause of the blast, which killed Peter O’Brien, 51, and Mark Sim, 41.
Cameron, Hollande meet to discuss military escalation in Syria
24 November 2015
The British prime minister’s meeting with French President François Hollande was aimed at securing a vote in the UK parliament for war in Syria.
UK Chancellor “negotiates” decimation of public services ahead of spending review
23 November 2015
Chancellor George Osborne is demanding that governmental departments slash their expenditures by up to 40 percent.
More cuts to come as UK economy heads towards deeper crisis
23 November 2015
New data shows that the UK economy is fragile and teetering on the edge of a major crisis.
Britain’s Paul Mason: A left liberal warmonger
21 November 2015
Mason is portrayed, and portrays himself, as a “man of the left,” based largely on his membership in the group Workers Power in the 1980s.
UK local authorities crack down on the homeless
21 November 2015
The use of so-called Public Space Protection Orders is on the rise across Britain.
Jeremy Corbyn supports autonomy for Scottish Labour Party
20 November 2015
Corbyn used the Scottish Labour conference last month as a platform to promote a variant of left-sounding Scottish nationalism.
US releases Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard after 30 years in prison
20 November 2015
The Pollard affair has long been a bone of contention between the Israeli and US intelligence agencies.

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