UK police watchdog justifies killing of Mark Duggan
26 March 2015
Duggan, a 29-year-old father of six, was unarmed when he was shot twice in Tottenham, north London by an armed police officer on August 4, 2011.
Whistleblower from UK covert police unit reveals spying on workers
25 March 2015
The covert Special Demonstration Squad monitored hundreds of political groups between 1968 and 2008.
UK National Gallery staff face privatisation
25 March 2015
Government funding to the arts in the UK has been cut by 36 percent in the last four years.
UK: Police commander at 1989 Hillsborough disaster admits causing 96 deaths
23 March 2015
An inquest heard how the lies and cover-up by the authorities began within minutes of the tragedy.
UK: Private sector given largest ever National Health Service contract
23 March 2015
The deal, worth £780 million over four years, is the latest in the ongoing privatisation process of the publically run health service.
UK: Greater Manchester devolution agreement sets agenda for private sector bonanza
19 March 2015
Private corporations are being primed to win up to £5 billion in contracts as Trafford council prepares to sell contracts to run vital services.
Prison officers’ union signs no strike deal with the Scottish government
18 March 2015
The Prison Officers Association was one of the first trade unions to join the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, formed by the Socialist Party and Socialist Workers Party.
Divisions emerge between Britain and US over China bank
16 March 2015
The British decision to participate in the Chinese-backed Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank was taken largely behind the back of the United States.
Sri Lanka-China tensions rise over suspended port project
16 March 2015
Suspension of the Chinese investment project is bound up with the shift of Sri Lankan foreign policy under the new government away from Beijing and towards Washington.
UK government pledges further spying powers and to “move on” from Snowden
14 March 2015
Hammond’s speech was meant to reassure Britain’s spies that they will be protected from any possible fall-out, and that their criminal actions can continue.
UK parliamentary committee justifies mass spying on e-communications
14 March 2015
The Intelligence and Security Committee report is a whitewash, aimed at legitimising the spy apparatus exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013.
UK general election: Labour tries to deflect from its commitment to continued austerity
11 March 2015
Labour is committed to further spending cuts, which is why it voted overwhelmingly with the Tory-led government in January to rush the Budgetary Responsibility Bill through parliament.

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