Scotland’s No vote and the crisis of the British nation state

Independence for Scotland was defeated in Thursday’s referendum by 55.3 percent to 44.7 percent on an 84.6 percent turnout.

There was an initial sense of relief in ruling circles, given that at one point, according to opinion polls, the Yes campaign looked set to secure a majority—threatening the imminent dissolution of the 307-year union between Scotland, England and Wales. Read more…

UK pilots union agrees mass layoffs/pay cuts at Monarch
30 September 2014
Monarch is going through a major restructuring with the stated aim of becoming a “low-cost” airline.
Michael Banda, former leader of the British WRP, dies at age 84
29 September 2014
Until the crisis that erupted in the Workers Revolutionary Party in 1985, Banda was a central leader of the British Trotskyist movement for more than three decades.
Britain’s parliament votes for war in Iraq, and also Syria
27 September 2014
Prime Minister David Cameron told parliament there was “no legal barrier” to Britain extending parliament’s approval for bombing Iraq to cover similar action in Syria.
Britain prepares to join US-led war in Iraq and Syria
26 September 2014
Both the Conservatives and Labour Parties back British involvement in the US-led war, which is aimed at reasserting military dominance in Iraq and throughout the Middle East.
Unending austerity pledged by UK Conservatives and Labour alike
25 September 2014
Labour is positioning itself as the most favoured and trusted instrument to impose austerity on behalf of the financial aristocracy.

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