Socialism and the struggle against war

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UK News

UK government whips up anti-immigrant hysteria over Eurotunnel security at Calais
30 July 2015
The desperate efforts of migrants to enter Britain led to the death Tuesday night of a Sudanese man who was hit by a truck leaving a cross Channel ferry.
UK Labour Party descends into crisis over leadership contest
29 July 2015
The Labour Party leadership contest in the UK has descended into farce, with calls for it to be suspended and even threats of a coup should the “wrong” candidate win.
UK Conservatives plan war and domestic repression
29 July 2015
The Tories are fashioning an increasingly aggressive military policy and undertaking measures that represent a grave threat to democratic rights.
UK: Green Party presides over homeless crisis in Bristol
28 July 2015
There are around 15,000 people on the council waiting list for affordable homes in Bristol, the most expensive city for housing after London.
UK government uses demand for weekend work to attack National Health Service
25 July 2015
NHS managers are supposed to introduce additional services, while the government is demanding a further £22 billion in cuts to the health budget.
Tony Blair warns against “radical leftism” in Labour leadership race
24 July 2015
Labour’s leadership lives, works and plays in “the Westminster bubble”—a social circle made up of the super-rich and their hangers-on.
UK announces “anti-extremism” plan sanctioning domestic repression and war
23 July 2015
Prime Minister David Cameron’s five year plan to address “extremism” will target Muslims and encourage anti-Islamic sentiment.
UK: Labour capitulates on Conservative welfare cuts bill
22 July 2015
The bill’s measures will plunge millions of workers and youth further into economic insecurity and poverty.
The Queen’s Nazi salute: Historical revisionism in the service of state censorship
22 July 2015
According to the media, there was barely a family in Britain that wasn’t goose-stepping around their lawns in the early 1930s.
UK defence secretary admits flouting parliamentary ban on military involvement in Syrian war
21 July 2015
Defence Secretary Michael Fallon used the parliamentary debate to propagandize for war.

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