No to war and austerity! Fight for socialism!

The Socialist Equality Party calls on workers and youth to vote for our candidates, Katie Rhodes in Glasgow Central and David O’Sullivan in Holborn & St. Pancras.

We seek to mobilise working people in a political struggle against austerity and war through the fight for a workers’ government based on socialist policies. Read more…

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Election campaign news

Defend migrants and refugees! Oppose British imperialism!
25 April 2015
The following statement was issued by David O’Sullivan, Socialist Equality Party candidate for the London Holborn & St. Pancras constituency.
UK General Election: Green Party offers no real alternative to austerity and militarism
24 April 2015
The Green Party is a pro-capitalist organization that, on all fundamental questions, defends the existing social order based on brutal class exploitation, militarism and violence.
“Whoever forms the next government makes no fundamental difference”
23 April 2015
O’Sullivan addressed questions at the Somali community hustings on issues of housing and homelessness, Islamophobia, youth education, and unemployment.
Scottish Socialist Party manifesto: Nationalism and class collaboration
23 April 2015
The SSP approaches every issue facing working people solely from the standpoint of the ability of the Scottish bourgeoisie to grab more powers from Westminster.
UK welfare benefit sanctions bring hardship and hunger
22 April 2015
Nothing so graphically exposes the destruction of the welfare state established following the Second World War than the return to Victorian social norms.
SEP speaker at London election meeting: Only socialism can bring about genuine equality
21 April 2015
Paul Stickley, the election agent for the Socialist Equality Party candidate in the May 7 General Election, David O’Sullivan, took part in a hustings last Thursday.

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