British health unions carrying fraudulent “fair pay fight”
24 November 2014
It was the Labour Party’s Private Finance Initiatives that began the privatisation of health care.
UK Independence Party wins Rochester by-election
22 November 2014
The result is another blow to the Conservative Party, which lost its Clacton seat to UKIP only last month.
Tories and Labour compete to scapegoat migrants for British social crisis
21 November 2014
The anti-immigrant stance being taken by all the bourgeois parties is aimed at further curtailing the democratic and social rights of working people as a whole.
UK faces further round of austerity measures
19 November 2014
The new cuts to be inflicted by whichever government emerges from the next election will be even deeper and more widespread.
New UK study finds 300,000 more people living in poverty
19 November 2014
Since 2008, soaring food and fuel costs have had a severe impact on the poorest 20 percent.

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