A revealing exposure of the destruction of health care in the UK
28 February 2015
The documentary exposes the extent to which Britain’s National Health Service has been privatised.
Top British politicians caught in cash for access sting
27 February 2015
Former ministers Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind were caught on camera in a Channel 4 television broadcast attempting to peddle their political influence to business contacts.
UK retail giant Tesco announces thousands of job losses
25 February 2015
The UK’s largest retailer is cutting jobs in the face of growing competition from low-cost supermarket chains.
Defence establishment complains of Britain’s “irrelevance” in world affairs
18 February 2015
There is growing criticism of the government of Prime Minister David Cameron for not playing a more aggressive role in military operations worldwide.
British unions recommend health service workers accept another pay cut
14 February 2015
Health care workers have already suffered from four years of pay freezes, cuts, worsening job conditions and an increase in pension contributions.
Britain’s GCHQ given free rein to continue mass surveillance
13 February 2015
GCHQ and the UK government welcomed the Investigatory Powers Tribunal ruling as it allows them to continue the mass surveillance of the population.
UK Police Federation votes for all police to be given access to Taser guns
11 February 2015
The vote by the Police Federation is part of the move to authoritarian forms of rule in Britain.
French National Front leader Marine Le Pen addresses Oxford Union
7 February 2015
The invitation of the neo-fascist leader is of a piece with both contemporary political requirements within ruling circles and the recent political pedigree of the Oxford Union.
UK Conservatives set out “English Votes for English Laws”
6 February 2015
Greater devolution, whether in its Scottish or English guise, is directed towards a layer of the upper middle class hostile to any semblance of redistributive economic measures.
Further evidence of deaths due to UK welfare benefits sanctions
5 February 2015
Those sanctioned are often the most poor and vulnerable, who will face having to live on little or no money.
UK’s first privatised hospital fails
31 January 2015
The NHS now has to step in and clear up the financial and patient care disaster created by the private health care operator at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.
UK Iraq war inquiry report delayed yet again
23 January 2015
Among the records that will reportedly not be published is a minute of a conversation between Tony Blair and George W. Bush six weeks before the Iraq invasion.

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