Scotland’s No vote and the crisis of the British nation state
20 September 2014
The No vote on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom has in no way lessened the dangers facing working people.
Vote No in the Scottish referendum: Fight for a Socialist Britain!
18 September 2014
The Socialist Equality Party’s call for a No vote in the Scottish independence referendum is based on the fundamental principle of the unity of the international working class.
Public meetings in Scotland: After the independence referendum, lessons for the working class
18 September 2014
The Socialist Equality Party (UK) invites all our supporters and readers of the World Socialist Web Site to a discussion on the implications of Scotland’s independence referendum and the wa

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UK news

UK: National Health Service staff ballot for strike action over pay
19 September 2014
The trade unions have opened the door to four separate pay rates for National Health Service staff performing the same job across the UK.
Victorian-era diseases return to Britain
17 September 2014
Figures from England and Wales indicate that there was a 19 percent increase in the number of people hospitalised for malnutrition in the last year.
UK prepares for full military action in Syria and Iraq
16 September 2014
Using aid worker David Haines’ murder by ISIS as the casus belli, British Prime Minister Cameron is preparing to back military strikes in Iraq and Syria.

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