UK: Junior doctors demonstrate in run-up to Wednesday strike
8 February 2016
The British Medical Association used the event to bolster their ongoing fruitless negotiations with Conservative Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt
Junior doctors to take second strike in England
6 February 2016
The British Medical Association has reluctantly proceeded with the strike but has scaled back the action.
Reject the Rail Maritime and Transport Union’s call to accept latest London Underground sell-out contract!
6 February 2016
Rail workers have seen the trade unions sabotage every struggle against the Conservative government since 2010.
Stop the persecution of Julian Assange!
5 February 2016
Despite a ruling that Assange has been subjected to “arbitrary detention,” both the UK and Sweden vow to continue his persecution.
UK Prime Minister Cameron signals early referendum on EU membership
4 February 2016
The proposed agreement between Cameron and European Council President Donald Tusk is a refutation of those who depict the EU as the guardian of a more progressive agenda.
Many UK children go to school hungry
3 February 2016
Nearly 50 percent of teachers in the UK said some pupils arrived at school hungry at least three or four times a week.
Former British Prime Minister Blair joins call for a European army
2 February 2016
In calling for the creation of a European military force, Blair wrote that the European powers had to be capable of projecting their interests on the global stage.
Cameron continues EU negotiations amid deepening inner-party divisions
30 January 2016
Forty Conservative MPs wrote to the prime minister calling for a meeting to discuss concerns that he is not asking for sufficiently radical changes in return for the UK’s continued EU membership.
Google’s UK tax deal leaves major corporations with nothing to fear
29 January 2016
Technology giant Google’s pathetically small British tax payment confirms once again that major corporations operate virtually unhindered by national governments.
Over a thousand jobs to go at Welsh steel plants
28 January 2016
There is no suggestion of opposition from either the trade unions or the Labour Party.

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