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UK News

UK: Another £22 billion in “savings efficiencies” in National Health Service
30 June 2015
The government’s claim that the second round of “efficiency savings” will be accomplished through better procurement and efficient rostering of staff is fraudulent.
Three national strikes called off by UK trade unions
30 June 2015
Planned national strikes by rail workers, probation officers, and steel workers have been called off in succession by Britain’s major trade unions.
UK unions abandon strike threat at Tata Steel
29 June 2015
A spokesman for Tata Steel indicated that the company believes it has made gains at workers’ expense.
UK Prime Minister Cameron sets out demands for EU treaty reform
27 June 2015
Cameron avoided any detailed presentation to the EU summit because he knew that this would only confirm the UK’s isolation.
Thousands of jobs lost in UK
27 June 2015
Following the loss of 90,000 public-sector jobs in the last parliament, a further 100,000 jobs are set to go over the next five years.
Scottish National Party’s Nicola Sturgeon goes warmongering in Washington
23 June 2015
Sturgeon’s comments make clear that the SNP leadership fully supports British participation in the US-led military escalation that has brought the world closer to global war.
250,000 demonstrate against austerity in London
22 June 2015
The mass demonstration is a reflection of widespread opposition to the Conservative government’s plans to ramp up austerity, following decades of cuts under both Tory and Labour Party governments.
Participants in UK marches denounce austerity
22 June 2015
The World Socialist Web Site interviewed anti-austerity demonstrators in London and Glasgow.
Only socialism and class struggle can end austerity
22 June 2015
The following statement by the Socialist Equality Party (UK) was distributed at Saturday’s demonstrations against austerity in London and Glasgow.
UK: Labour saves Conservative government from defeat on EU referendum bill
19 June 2015
The Labour Party demonstrated its readiness to form an alliance with the Cameron government over British European Union membership.

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