Blairites declare UK Labour party unelectable
28 April 2017
Tony Blair refused to endorse Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in an interview with Rupert Murdoch’s Sky TV Thursday, saying that Tory Prime Minister Theresa May would win the election.
British ruling elite regard Macron victory in France as a “mixed blessing”
27 April 2017
Britain’s right-wing media are concerned that Macron will be unable to enforce his agenda under conditions of widespread political alienation and hostility to the ruling elite.
Bournemouth health workers attend NHS FightBack meeting against redundancies and cuts
27 April 2017
Management has been able to impose the job losses in Bournemouth only due to the treachery of trade unions.
Labour outlines pro-business “soft Brexit” policy for June 8 vote
26 April 2017
Labour's preoccupation is satisfying the concerns expressed by the majority of Britain’s bourgeoisie, which supported Remain and whose interests are tied to the EU.
Attack on UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn over nuclear first strike
25 April 2017
Britain’s ruling elite is set on establishing that the fundamental criteria for leading the country is a readiness to launch World War III.
UK adult social care system on verge of collapse
25 April 2017
Figures released by the Office for National Statistics found that the suicide rate for care workers is now twice the national average.
UK Labour right calls for cross-party pro-EU alliances in general election
24 April 2017
Since the shock Leave vote in last June’s referendum on UK membership of the EU, the Labour right's hostility to Corbyn’s leadership has become entwined with efforts to reverse the result.
Thousands march in London in defence of science
24 April 2017
One demonstrator said, “I think a discussion of science in terms of socialism is necessary and we need some real debates about what kind of political model fits science best.”
UK nurses in online vote over strike in protest at low pay
22 April 2017
Registered nurses earn an average of just £23,319 per year and had their pay kept up with inflation they would now earn £26,584.
Fujitsu strikers in the UK speak out in defence of framed-up Maruti Suzuki workers
22 April 2017
Workers on the picket line at Fujitsu in Manchester discussed support for the victimised Indian workers, their own dispute and Saturday’s international March for Science.

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