Italy’s Northern League backs Scottish independence
14 August 2014
The support for the Scottish independence campaign by Italy’s extreme right-wing Northern League confirms that it is a reactionary project.
Socialist Workers Party’s Alex Callinicos backs Scottish nationalism
12 August 2014
The British Socialist Workers Party is consciously lining up behind the creation of a minor imperialist state in Scotland.
First televised debate on Scottish independence referendum exposes fraud of “Yes” and “No” campaigns
7 August 2014
The most striking feature of the debate was that the growing economic and political crisis of global capitalism was not even hinted at.

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UK news

UK joins US military offensive in Iraq
20 August 2014
Prime Minister David Cameron’s promise that “Britain is not going to get involved in another war in Iraq” is worthless.
Still no evidence of Russia’s alleged military incursion into Ukraine
19 August 2014
If reports from the Guardian and the Telegraph are to be believed, experienced journalists stood by and watched Russian military vehicles enter Ukraine without taking a photograph to
Rising British self-employment used to obscure worsening job situation
19 August 2014
The rise in self-employment is driven not by an “entrepreneurial spirit,” but the lack of full-time employment offering an adequate income and pension.

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