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For an active boycott of the Brexit referendum!

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  • No to the European Union—No to British nationalism!
  • For the unity of the British and European working class!
  • For the United Socialist States of Europe!

Socialist Equality Party Statement

1. The June 23 referendum on Britain’s membership in the European Union raises issues of immense international importance. The outcome will have implications for workers not only in the UK, but far beyond its shores.

2. The Socialist Equality Party urges workers and young people to boycott the referendum. The Remain and Leave campaigns are both headed by nationalist forces that stand for greater austerity, brutal anti-immigrant measures and the destruction of workers’ rights. Their differences are over how best to defend the interests of British capitalism against its European and international rivals under conditions of economic slump and the escalation of militarism and war.


Brexit referendum campaign

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UK Labour leadership, bowing to right-wing campaign, suspends Ken Livingstone
30 April 2016
Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has capitulated to a scurrilous campaign to portray Livingstone as an anti-Semite.
UK junior doctors denounce attack on wages, working conditions
29 April 2016
WSWS reporters spoke to junior doctors on picket lines and at rallies during this week’s two one-day strikes without emergency cover.
Hillsborough inquest: Ninety-six UK football supporters unlawfully killed
28 April 2016
The verdict in the longest jury case in British legal history vindicates the campaign by the families and supporters of the 96 Liverpool Football Club fans killed 27 years ago.
Vast increase in “zero-hours” labor contracts in the UK
28 April 2016
Under zero-hours contracts, workers must be ready to work whenever required.
The Hillsborough disaster as it unfolded
28 April 2016
The death of 96 Liverpool football supporters on April 15, 1989 was followed by a 27-year cover-up.
The Socialist Party’s pro-capitalist call to nationalise the UK steel industry
27 April 2016
The Socialist Party frames its call for the nationalisation of Tata steel explicitly in terms of defending Britain’s “national interest” and “heritage”.
Public support for UK junior doctors strike grows as government insists they must be “defeated”
27 April 2016
The strike by 45,000 junior doctors in England is the first stoppage in the history of the National Health Service to be held without emergency care being provided.
More than 50,000 junior doctors begin two-day strike in UK
26 April 2016
Junior doctors have refused to back down in the face of government threats, but the danger is their isolation at the hands of the health unions and the Labour Party.
Eleven thousand jobs threatened at British Home Stores
26 April 2016
Pension obligations will be transferred to the taxpayer, while the corporate heads’ own tax obligations are wiped out, courtesy of debt-financed transactions and off-shore tax havens.
UK: Millions of low income families will be poorer under welfare reforms
25 April 2016
Many working families will lose up to £200 a month as a result of the Universal Credit welfare reform introduced by the Conservative government.

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