Socialism and the struggle against war

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UK News

Political crisis deepens over delays to UK Iraq War inquiry report
31 August 2015
The continued suppression of the Chilcot report, authorized over six years ago, is a sign of the explosive political fallout that will accompany its publication.
London Underground unions call off strikes
29 August 2015
All four unions which had threatened to strike are now working out the formula with which to force 24-hour work upon their members.
Is Jeremy Corbyn’s foreign policy socialist?
29 August 2015
Those looking to Corbyn as a means of opposing war will not find the answers they are seeking.
The British Library’s Magna Carta exhibition: A vital though flawed presentation
28 August 2015
The exhibition features a breathtaking array of documents of world-historical significance, brought together for a public audience for the first time.
NHS hospitals face massive deficits and demands for further cuts
27 August 2015
A further £22 billion in “efficiency savings” is being demanded over the next five years.
Dismaland, Banksy’s parody theme park: A despairing response to a complex world
26 August 2015
Coming through the main gates into Dismaland, the spectator is confronted with a vision of a world that is terribly sick.
Scotland: Sheku Bayoh likely died of asphyxiation by police, lawyer says
26 August 2015
Within 45 seconds, Bayoh was incapacitated, restrained in handcuffs, leg and ankle restraints, and was in a “prone position face down.”
UK Tube strike: Conservative transport spokesman calls for scab force
24 August 2015
Aslef train operators will be used as “battle fodder” by the Conservative government and London Underground management to break their colleagues’ strike.
Britain: Labour leadership beset by talk of splits, coups and legal challenges
22 August 2015
Reports have revealed the extraordinary efforts by sections of the Labour Party to stop veteran “left” MP Jeremy Corbyn from winning the contest for party leader.
Jeremy Corbyn’s economic plan to rescue British capitalism
20 August 2015
The programme advanced by Corbyn in his campaign for Labour Party leadership challenges neither the market economy, nor the major corporations and banks.

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