For a new socialist movement against militarism, austerity and war

SEP 2016 front cover

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The SEP held its Third National Congress in Sheffield from October 28 to October 31. The Congress unanimously endorsed the February 18, 2016 statement of the International Committee of the Fourth International, “Socialism and the Fight Against War,” and adopted two additional resolutions: “For a new socialist movement against militarism, austerity and war,” and “Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party: The strategic lessons.

1. The Third National Congress of the Socialist Equality Party (UK) endorses the February 18, 2016 statement of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI), “Socialism and the Fight Against War: Build an International Movement of the Working Class and Youth Against Imperialism!”

2. A quarter century has passed since the apologists for capitalism hailed the dissolution of the Soviet Union in December 1991 as the “end of history” and the final victory of the free market and liberal democracy. Instead, the drive to establish a new world order has succeeded only in creating global disorder: a series of unending wars; entire countries devastated; millions killed, maimed and/or turned into refugees; the re-emergence of fascistic tendencies and the pursuit of brutal class war policies in an “age of austerity.” (more…)

Millions face dire consequences of rundown of Britain’s National Health Service
16 January 2017
More than 20 hospitals have raised alerts that they can no longer provide basic services to the public, as the British Red Cross said the NHS faces a “humanitarian crisis.”
UK: Labour-run councils impose Tory cuts under Corbyn’s instruction
16 January 2017
Labour’s role in enforcing savage cuts in Metropolitan borough councils demonstrates it remains a big business party, despite the election of “left” leader Jeremy Corbyn.
UK: May and Corbyn suppress scandal over Israel's role in anti-Corbyn coup
14 January 2017
In response to proof that the coup against him was sponsored by Israel, Corbyn has not said a single word.
The Guardian uses anti-Russian hacking claims to proselytise for CIA and war
13 January 2017
The Guardian demands that readers abandon their critical faculties—or what the newspaper would undoubtedly deem their “illegitimate scepticism”—to line up behind the war aims of the C
Jeremy Corbyn: The abortive rebranding of a “left muddlehead”
12 January 2017
Corbyn’s speech was a signal that he is prepared to make the political shifts demanded of him by the party’s right wing, including the adoption of an anti-immigration agenda.
Protests follow “planned operation” police killing of Yasser Yaqub in UK
12 January 2017
The killing of Yaqub was the fifth fatal police shooting in England and Wales in the past nine months.
British super-rich pay less tax as workers pay more
11 January 2017
While the rich are allowed to avoid the taxes necessary to fund vitally-needed services, the government continually devises ways to extract ever more from the working class.
Subway, train and airline workers strike in the UK
11 January 2017
The 24-hour strike that paralysed the London subway system Monday was followed by the start of two 48-hour walkouts by drivers on Southern Rail and British Airways cabin crew.
UK rail union TSSA and pro-Corbyn Momentum stoke up anti-European sentiment
10 January 2017
A video posted by the pro-Corbyn Momentum organization seeks to portray the population of Europe as benefitting from the privatization if the UK’s rail network.
Brexit deepens existential crisis of UK and European Union
10 January 2017
The row over what relationship the UK will have with the European Union takes place under conditions where its very survival is threatened.

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