After Brexit: The struggle for socialism in Britain

A speech delivered by Chris Marsden, national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party, at public meetings held in July in London and Sheffield.

We are at a turning point in the political life of the UK. The June 23 referendum vote to leave the European Union (EU) has provoked, or rather accelerated, an economic, political and social crisis, not just here, but throughout Europe and internationally. (more…)

Britain: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn outlines policies for “wealth creation”
24 August 2016
Corbyn routinely proclaims that he is for a “new politics,” but this amounts to only a handful of limited measures that do nothing to challenge the stranglehold of the super-rich over society.
UK junior doctors defiance of government contract curtailed by BMA
24 August 2016
The Conservative government intends to enforce a revised contract—which has already caused five nationwide strikes and was overwhelmingly rejected in July—on junior doctors.
Britain: Labour’s anti-Corbyn plotters plan rival parliamentary grouping
23 August 2016
The Labour Co-op plan is being put forward as a way that the party right wing can avoid moving straight to a breakaway grouping, where they might struggle to muster any support.
UK: Strike action at historic low, and unions work to keep it that way
23 August 2016
The virtual disappearance of strikes during a period when workers’ jobs, wages, and conditions have been under unparalleled attack is a damning indictment of the trade unions.
UK Labour leader Corbyn silent on right-wing coup attempt at Sheffield rally
22 August 2016
Repeated calls for party unity were made by all the speakers at the Sheffield rally, passing over the efforts of Labour’s right-wing to oust leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Workers and youth speak on Corbyn and the British Labour Party
22 August 2016
The <em>World Socialist Web Site</em> interviewed several of those participating in a Sheffield rally called in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Britain’s Financial Times calls on anti-Corbyn plotters to prepare Labour split
20 August 2016
The FT said the Labour right must think “through what a new party of the centre-left would stand for” and make “serious preparation” for a breakaway.
UK media denounces Corbyn’s refusal to support war with Russia
20 August 2016
Corbyn’s comments occasioned a slew of articles and commentary declaring that he could not be trusted with the reins of power if he were not ready for all-out war.
The ruling class and the spectre of Leon Trotsky
20 August 2016
Seventy-six years after his assassination at the hands of a Stalinist agent, Trotsky remains not only a towering historical personality, but also a figure of acute contemporary political relevance.
Research highlights continued immiseration of British workers
19 August 2016
According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, millions of British workers and their families are sinking below the poverty line despite being employed.

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