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Additional 37 Crown Post Offices to close in Britain
21 January 2017
Workers remaining in the Post Office face a situation in which the government is systematically removing its functions and starving it of investment as a prelude to its ultimate closure.

British Supreme Court rules claimants can pursue action against UK for torture
21 January 2017
The court’s decision is a blow for the British political establishment, which has fought for years to keep secret the use of torture by Britain’s spy agencies and Special Forces.

UK: ASLEF drivers’ union calls off Southern Rail strikes
20 January 2017
The planned action was over the company’s plans to widen the use of driver only operated trains.

Joint Russian, Turkish bombing campaign in Syria deepens NATO crisis
20 January 2017
The joint Russian-Turkish action came on the eve of the inauguration of Donald Trump, who is reportedly preparing a major escalation of US intervention in the region.

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn allies himself with Fabian Society’s right-wing agenda
20 January 2017
No less than 15 shadow secretaries of state and nine shadow ministers, who resigned from Corbyn’s cabinet in a bid to force him out, were associated with the Fabian Society.

UK: Spying powers used more than 55,000 times by local government agencies
19 January 2017
Under the RIPA spying apparatus, local councils in Britain launched 2,800 separate surveillance operations lasting up to 90 days each.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May pledges hard Brexit, threatens trade war
18 January 2017
May’s aggressive posture is bound up with efforts to forge an economic and political alliance with the incoming administration of Donald Trump in the United States.

Pro-Corbyn Momentum group seeks affiliation to Labour Party
17 January 2017
Any pretence Momentum maintained that it was a radical rank-and-file group, nominally independent of the Labour Party, has been destroyed.

UK: Labour-run councils impose Tory cuts under Corbyn’s instruction
16 January 2017
Labour’s role in enforcing savage cuts in Metropolitan borough councils demonstrates it remains a big business party, despite the election of “left” leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Millions face dire consequences of rundown of Britain’s National Health Service
16 January 2017
More than 20 hospitals have raised alerts that they can no longer provide basic services to the public, as the British Red Cross said the NHS faces a “humanitarian crisis.”

UK: May and Corbyn suppress scandal over Israel's role in anti-Corbyn coup
14 January 2017
In response to proof that the coup against him was sponsored by Israel, Corbyn has not said a single word.

The Guardian uses anti-Russian hacking claims to proselytise for CIA and war
13 January 2017
The Guardian demands that readers abandon their critical faculties—or what the newspaper would undoubtedly deem their “illegitimate scepticism”—to line up behind the war aims of the C