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Germany: Ver.di union delegates re-elect chairman despite sellouts
29 September 2015
The Ver.di leadership is haunted by the prospect of younger layers of workers turning away from the unions and escaping their control.

UK SEP National Secretary interviewed on BBC Daily Politics
4 June 2014
Marsden explained that a previous interview demonstrated bias and trivialised “something which is quite serious.”

Ireland’s governing parties punished in local and European elections
31 May 2014
The most significant result was the collapse of support for the Labour Party and the resignation of its leader.

The European elections and the crisis of the EU
29 May 2014
The SEP and PSG participated in the European elections in order to provide a perspective for the coming class battles and build sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International thro

European election results for the Socialist Equality Party (UK) and Partei für Soziale Gleichheit (Germany)
29 May 2014
The PSG of Germany received 9,852 votes nationwide, while the SEP (UK) obtained 5,067 votes in Britain’s northwest region.

Participants speak at PSG’s eve of poll election meeting
29 May 2014
The PSG were the only ones “who focused their election campaign on the danger of war,” a participant told the WSWS.

UK foodbank organizer says most recipients are working poor
28 May 2014
The World Socialist Web Site spoke to Scott Tulloch, who runs a foodbank at Lower Broughton in central Salford about the growth in emergency food aid.

PSG holds successful final election meeting
27 May 2014
The Partei für Soziale Gleichheit concluded its European election campaign on Saturday with a well attended meeting in Berlin Tempelhof.

French neo-fascist victory in European elections exposes bankruptcy of ruling elite
27 May 2014
The vote does not indicate broad support for the neo-fascists’ anti-immigrant agenda, but the absence of any organization opposed to the ruling Socialist Party from the left.

Lively discussions at SEP European election meetings in North West England
26 May 2014
German socialist Johannes Stern spoke at both of the Socialist Equality Party’s Eve of Poll meetings in Liverpool and Manchester.

Major losses for ruling parties, gains for anti-EU parties in European elections
26 May 2014
Amidst low turnout in European Parliament elections, parties opposed to the EU, nominally on the right and left, benefited from hostility to the austerity measures.

Residents in North West England speak to SEP election campaign teams
24 May 2014
The SEP received a warm reception for its campaign against the European Union and for the United Socialist States of Europe.