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UK Labour Party by-election defeat prompts new moves against Corbyn
25 February 2017
In the face of a renewed offensive against him by the Labour Party right wing, Corbyn and his key supporters again called for unity with his opponents.

Behind the UK government attack on “health tourism”
24 February 2017
The government announced it is seeking to recover £500 million a year from overseas visitors for health treatment.

The racialist agenda of the “Decolonise Education” movement
24 February 2017
The classification of philosophers based on their skin colour, rather than their place in the historical development of human thought, is combined with an attack on the entire progressive tradition of

Meeting on UK undercover policing highlights need for an independent inquiry
23 February 2017
The ongoing Undercover Policing Inquiry, chaired by Lord Justice Pitchford, is aimed at whitewashing, not exposing, widespread illegal infiltration of state intelligence agencies into left-wing moveme

BT Italia engulfed in “accounting irregularities” scandal
23 February 2017
One after another, household names from the blue chip FTSE100 have come under investigation for alleged criminal business practices.

May government ends limited scheme allowing lone child refugees into Britain
22 February 2017
A total of just 350 children will be accepted, meaning another 150 by March when the scheme will close, as 200 are already in the UK.

Organizers of London anti-Trump protests push pro-EU agenda
22 February 2017
Numbers at the London protest were around a tenth of the size of that which converged on Downing Street on January 30, after Trump’s anti-Muslim ban was ordered.

MPs debate Trump state visit to Britain as tens of thousands protest
21 February 2017
Some 1.85 million people signed a petition urging the government not to make the visit by US President Donald Trump an official state affair.

State of Child Health report in UK reveals devastating impact of austerity
21 February 2017
The UK ranks 15 out of 19 Western European countries for infant mortality, with only Denmark, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia having higher death rates.

Proposed Trump state visit provokes crisis in British ruling circles
20 February 2017
Trump’s proposed state visit to the UK at the invitation of the May government has become a battleground for rival factions within ruling circles.

UK: Southern GTR drivers vote against union-backed sellout deal
18 February 2017
This principled stand by a majority of drivers comes despite immense pressure from management and the union to accept the deal.

Patient at Britain’s Newham Acute Day Hospital launches campaign to fight closure
18 February 2017
The hospital, opened in 2000, has been the lifeline for thousands of people who suffer from mental health problems.