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UK parliament passes Labour motion calling for government to publish “Brexit plan”
8 December 2016
Prime Minister Theresa May originally opposed the motion, but was forced to accept it as between 20 and 40 pro-EU Tory rebels were pledged to back Labour.

UK Supreme Court hears opposed arguments on whether Parliament must vote to trigger Brexit
7 December 2016
The Supreme Court hearing takes place amid an escalating political crisis over Britain’s exiting the European Union, as the EU itself descends ever deeper into chaos.

Immigrants protest ill treatment in UK detention centres
6 December 2016
Hunger strikes, attempted suicides and incidents of self-harm are common in the centres.

Supreme Court Brexit hearing begins amid growing divisions in UK ruling circles
6 December 2016
The case stems from the major constitutional and political crisis sparked by the narrow June 23 referendum vote to exit the EU.

UK by-election deepens divisions in ruling class over Brexit
3 December 2016
The deepening economic crisis post-Brexit, fuelled by the political uncertainty resulting from Trump’s victory in the US, is reshaping political loyalties in ways that cross party lines.

UK: Veolia sacks binmen for helping elderly man
3 December 2016
Veolia’s vindictive actions will come as no surprise to millions of workers.

UK Independence Party selects new leader as post-Brexit crisis deepens
2 December 2016
New leader Paul Nuttall’s promotion of anti-immigrant and law-and-order rhetoric is a right-wing populist veneer for the defence of British capital against the working class.

UK: Corbyn protects Tony Blair from a demand that he account for his Iraq war lies
1 December 2016
Corbyn has capitulated to the warmongers in the Parliamentary Labour Party at every juncture.

Dire situation in UK social care for the elderly
1 December 2016
Local authorities agreed to help just under half of the 6.6 million people who approached them for help.

British government steps up attacks on state pensions
29 November 2016
The implications for pensioners of the recommendations of the Work and Pensions Select Committee are disastrous.

Huge growth in “precarious employment” in the UK
28 November 2016
The total number of workers in self-employment, temporary work and zero-hours contracts has increased by nearly 2 million over the past decade.

The Aberfan disaster in Wales 50 years on
28 November 2016
A total of 116 children perished in the avalanche of coal waste—almost half of those at Pantglas Junior School—along with 28 adults, including five teachers.