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Lessons of Labour’s leadership contest
24 September 2016
The following statement is being distributed at the Labour Party Special Conference and the Momentum-backed The World Transformed event this weekend.

Manchester, England: Labour-controlled authority threatens all firefighters’ jobs
24 September 2016
Firefighters the length and breadth of the UK are facing similar attacks on jobs and conditions, jeopardising their own safety and that of the public.

Retiring British general urges preparations for war with Russia
19 September 2016
Retiring General Sir Richard Barrons is unusually frank in laying out the nature of the military conflicts he says Britain must prepare for.

Many UK museums face closure due to funding cuts
16 September 2016
Museums are being forced to absorb a one-third cut in public funding and the pressure of falling visitor numbers due to the economic crisis.

UK: North Manchester National Health Service Trust struggling to cope
13 September 2016
A recent health care quality report raised serious concerns over the lack of adequate staffing in a number of different departments.

UK government pledge to expand grammar schools signals escalation of selective education
13 September 2016
The attack on comprehensive education has been proceeding apace, with the majority of secondary schools now academies and free schools.

UK political crisis deepens over Brexit
10 September 2016
Representatives of the ruling elite who favour EU membership are loudly voicing their concerns that the May government is bereft of any strategy following the Brexit vote.

Mounting evidence of British “boots on the ground” in Syria
8 September 2016
The secret deployment of the SAS is of a piece with the government’s campaign of lies, deceit and disinformation throughout the five-year-long civil war.

British Medical Association calls off junior doctors strikes
8 September 2016
The junior doctors have been isolated by both the trade unions and by the Labour Party, with a key role played by party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

UK Conservative divisions over Brexit go public once again
7 September 2016
May’s mantra that “Brexit means Brexit” can no longer conceal the air of crisis and paralysis surrounding the government.

UK: Review of Investigatory Powers Bill gives all-clear to mass surveillance
7 September 2016
Anderson’s report is a cover for the real aim of the Investigatory Powers Bill—to increase the power of the state to monitor the population for potential threats to ruling class interests.

Corbyn offers olive branch to right wing as purge of British Labour Party escalates
6 September 2016
By September 24, when Labour’s leader is elected, it is highly likely that well over 200,000 people will have been barred from voting for Jeremy Corbyn.